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Tuner On Rie Shirt

Tuner On Rie x F&P x  Masterson  Mashup 2.0


The Gloom Chaser

Chase away the pain and gloom of life with a baller shirt and a bourbon!

this is the last production run Masterson will be doing outside of one offs or custom orders, stoked to join forces with Philly’s best shop Franklin and Poe and make this happen.

The design of the shirt is still being finalized but no doubt this will be methodically  built and full of detail like everything he does. Limited to run.
Fabric is a Kuroki Mill 6.5 oz Chambray in Smoke Grey. This will age wonderfully and even get darker with wear/soaks. Contrast red stitching details around the hem, cuff and pockets will be killer. A few hidden surprises you will have to discover like the last tuner shirt….can’t promise any stash pockets but maybe something to sip.

COST  $250.00
as you know his shirts are typically 350-400…CANT BEAT THIS VALUE!!!!!!


Yoke art work will be done by Nick Apice
Antique buttons
Made on antique union special
Single Pocket design with a button
Kuroki Mill Selvedge Chambray
Zig Zag stitching
Pleated cuff
xxxtra long chain stitch run off
Selvedge gussets

Single Pocket will be similar to this Masterson shirt


How to get the right measurements Take a shirt you currently own and like the fit of and follow this guide

Sizing will be relaxed 1.5-2 inches so if you you get a 38 the actual chest measurement will be a 39.5

If you got tuner 1.o shirt he has your size but send me any adjustments you have or concerns. Like a .25 inch added to the sleeve.

Please Paypal me at and email me your size and address. or email me at for questions